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How it works

Getting started

Create an account for your business

Hypadrive.ai Accounts are created on behalf of and for the benefit of a business. The person who creates the Business Account is the first user associated with the Business Account and is the Business Account owner / Primary Administrator.

Start creating Outreach Programs

With an account you can begin creating outreach programs. Think of outreach programs like campaigns - pre-planned activities with a goal in mind - we just call them programs. See more about how to do this below.

Invite your team members

Hypadrive.ai is designed for both individuals and teams. Collaboration is key when it comes to outreach activities. Once you have created your Hypadrive.ai Business Account, you can invite your team members to the Business Account as new users.

Creating an Outreach Program

To start an Outreach Program you will need the following items:


Provide a source of contacts/upload contacts

The quality of your contact list is essential. Quality means you are targeting a smaller group, with a relevant and personalised message and that you have sourced accurate contact information.


Design your outreach sequence & touchpoint messaging

Our platform provides best practice guidance so that your touchpoint strategy and touchpoint messaging are optimised and highly effective. This is also where you can setup and manage your automation rules.


Nominate who the outreach is coming from / your sender

Your messages need to come from someone who is a real person from your team - only verified users can be senders on our platform. When contacts respond, they will be responding to this person.


Authorise & launch your program

Once you have setup your program, you can launch it and your outreach activities will begin per the outreach sequence. Then you wait for responses while the system automates the basic tasks (e.g. following up) for you.

Once you've launched your program

Gauge performance via Reporting

For each program, we track a range of key metrics to help you understand how effective your outreach programs are.

Manually takeover conversations as required

As contacts respond, there will come a point where the AI automation is either no longer best or no longer able to progress the conversation on your behalf. At these points, you will need to takeover the conversations manually going forward - which is fine, because by then, the repetitive and mundane stuff has been done!

Feed learnings into new Outreach Programs

Learn from past programs, identify patterns that are working and those that are working less. Take these learnings forward into future programs your run. Our AI will help you optimise your programs.

The Hypadrive.ai platform allows you to:


  • Design and Automate Email Outreach campaigns, safe and effectively

  • Collaborate with team members

  • Use AI to optimise decision making and automate repetitive tasks

  • Access specialised professionals to help you

Coming Soon...

  • Create multi-channel (linkedin, phone calls, email & sms) outreach programs

  • Source appropriate contact data to use in cold outreach programs

  • More AI Automation capabilities

  • Create inbound flows

  • Add contacts to outreach sequences 1 by 1 (vs pre-planned programs)

  • Tools to automate other communication workflows

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Key features

AI automation & optimisation

AI is a tool that can optimise and drive decision making on your behalf. At every opportunity, we look at how AI can be utilised in our platform to optimise the outreach process for you - thereby getting you better returns on your investment in outreach activities.

Conversation handling

Automating conversations on your behalf - our Conversation Automation Engine is able to save you time by remembering to follow up when people don't respond, as well as understand responses you do receive in order to automate next steps where possible so you don't have to read and respond to every reply you get.

Team collaboration

Hypadrive.ai is designed for collaborative teams. We know that outbound communication is often a team effort - especially in small to medium sized businesses. Because of this, we have designed our platform to make it easy and intuitive for team members to work together when it comes to managing their outbound B2B communications.

Insights & performance reporting

We track a range of reporting metrics that make it easy for you to understand how your outreach programs are performing. Understand the Activities you did, who you reached out to, the responses you received and more.

Domain & email account protection

When it comes to email, getting your mail delivered to your recipients inbox is key. This is however, a highly complex and multi-faceted task. Ultimately it boils down to your reputation as a sender. We've built best-in-class services into our platform to help protect and maintain the reputation of your email accounts and IP addresses.

Accessing specialised
professional help

Tools and platforms rely on the users to get the most out of them. Thats why we have invested in building a community of specialised Outreach Expert Partners who are trained on our platform and will help you, as required, to achieve your outreach objectives.

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