Who is Hypadrive.ai?

We are a New Zealand born software company. We create software that automates sales, customer acquisition and customer engagement processes.

Our flagship product offering is an outreach automation platform created to help you start conversations and uncover new business opportunities at scale.

People and teams like you use Hypadrive.ai to design, automate, track & optimise their outreach activities - and you should too.

We understand the needs of small to medium sized businesses and the challenges they face when trying to grow.

Acquiring customers/engaging your market(s) is an ongoing challenge. As an owner (or key team member) of a small to medium sized business, you will have faced the questions of; How do we grow? How do we get more customers? How do we find talent and team members to help us get work done? How do we raise capital? How do we learn about our market and potential customers? You will also have encountered the natural next set of questions; How do we automate our growth processes to save ourselves time and help us get better performance? What tools and services are available for us to use to help us do this? Hypadrvie.ai was created to be a tool to help you the answer these mission critical questions.

Our Team

Founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs and small business owners, backed by some leading investment partners, we design and build world class software tools to help you better engage your markets and grow your businesses.

Growth Software for small to medium businesses.

Expertly crafted in New Zealand!