Creating your business account is designed to help business professionals connect and engage with other relevant business professionals.

Pricing & plans

When you create your account you are creating an account for your business or the business you work for. You can then invite as many of your team members as you like to join your Business Account in order to work together on creating and managing your outreach activities.

Accounts are free until you need to add more than 1 user seat or you want to launch an outreach program. is a monthly subscription software product

Monthly User Seat subscription

You pay a monthly fee for each user seat on your Business Account. Your subscription gives you access to the platform and its functionality.

Additional services, as required

In addition to your subscription, you may require or wish to take advantage of additional services that are not part of the subscription. These purchases are made by you, as required, and may involve once off service fees or periodic service fees e.g. annually; depending on the specific additional service you are interested in.

Available subscription plans

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your Business Account Subscription at anytime. No contracts - pay as you go, toggle services on or off as required, cancel your account at anytime if it is no longer serving you.

Email Outreach


Per User Seat currently offers 1 subscription plan - the Email Outreach plan. The Email Outreach plan gives you access to all of's email outreach functionality for a monthly fee per user seat associated with your businesses account.

This Plan is great for:

Beginners / Anyone looking for an easy way to get started with email outreach.

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Multi-Channel Outreach


Pricing TBC (Coming Soon)

The Multi-Channel Outreach plan is in development and is coming soon. This plan will include additional features and functionality - namely the ability to run multi-channel touchpoint outreach programs leveraging phone calls, Linkedin and SMS in addition to email.

This Plan is great for:

Experienced professionals / Those of you needing more flexibility and advanced features to power complex outreach activities.

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Consultants & Agencies

Are you a Trusted Advisor to the businesses and people you support?

If you're a consultant or you own / work in an agency where you help clients succeed with their growth and outreach initiatives, then we would love for you to choose as your platform partner to help you do your great work.

We will give you exposure & leads, revenue share, tools & features and support & training - so you can focus on where you add the most value; being a trusted consulting advisor to the people you support - helping them to effectively and efficiently target and engage their markets.

I'd like to speak with an expert

Sometimes having your hand held is the quickest way to an outcome. For a one time fee of $500 a trained and experienced Certified Expert Partner can help you get setup with your account and launch your first outreach program. Now that's a good deal!