Become a Certified Expert Partner

Consultants and agencies are an essential part of the platform eco-system. No matter how much automation and guidance capability we build into our platform, at the end of the day it is the human user (and their decisions) who is ultimately responsible for the success of their outreach activities.

Why be a Expert Partner?

Not everyone who wants to use our platform will be an outreach expert or will have the time to manage the outreach process. This is where you - our consultant and agency partners - come into play. We want you to be there as experts so you can help customers succeed with their outreach activities, using our platform.

Exposure & leads

We are a software company - not consultants. Our focus is on designing and building the best functionality and tools available to both make life easier for our users and see them enjoy more success results from their outreach activities. But end customers often need help, they need experts to show them the way. When they do, we want to put you forward as trusted experts they can rely on to help them succeed with outreach on the platform.

Grow together through revenue share

Working with is an opportunity for you to grow with us. For each new account you bring onto the platform, you will receive a generous and ongoing revenue share of the new accounts spend on On top of the revenue share related to customers spend on our platform, you will be able to work and bill customers directly for any ancillary services you have to offer them.

Tools & features

As you already know, reaching out to audiences is a complex process. Being able to automate the process is even more complex. We understand the process intimately and work tirelessly on designing and building our software capabilities to help make configuring and managing outreach activities, easy for our users. Our goal is to provide a suite of best in class software tools that combine to make for a leading outreach management platform.

Support & training

The more empowered and experienced you are, the more you will be able to do for customers using We invest in you, with content, training and education, so you can be at your best. We will involve you in the product development roadmap so you can influence the functionality we create and will give you training on new platform functionality before it is released on the platform so that you can hit the ground running.

Psssst - Expert Partner accounts are free! Expert Partners enjoy free use of the platform for their own outreach needs. As part of our commitment to you and recognition of your commitment to us, we wont charge you for your own use of the platform. We do this to encourage you to use the platform to get more clients for yourself whom you can then bring on to the platform.

Sign up today!

The Expert Partner program is by invitation only.

If you would like to be a Expert Partner, sign up below and our team will get in touch to meet you and organise for you to be onboarded into our ecosystem as an expert partner.

Key features of Expert Partner accounts

We built our platform with your (our Expert Partners) experience in mind to make it easy for you to work across and manage the outreach process for multiple clients.

Single login

Login to both your own and your linked customer accounts using a single login credential.

Multiple team members

Each person in your team can have a user seat on your companies Expert Partner account so you and your team can work together across client accounts; as required.

My clients dashboard

All your client accounts in one easily accessible client management dashboard.

Reporting & tracking

Making it easy for you and your clients to easily see who has done what on the account - making it easy for you to report on and track activity.

Invite new customers

Easily onboard customer accounts to your own partner account so you can begin working together. They can invite you, or you can invite them. Off-boarding is easy too!


Best in class security practices to protect both your and your client accounts and prevent unauthorized account access and activity.

I'd like to speak with an expert

Sure, our team are happy to help you figure out if a Expert Partner account is right for you.