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To grow, your business needs to reach out to its audiences. Hypadrive.ai is a tool that makes the outreach process as easy and effective as possible for you.

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Here are some scenarios where using Hypadrive.ai will help make your life easier and get you better results.

If you do any of these currently, or have been thinking about how to do this, then you need to start using Hypadrive.ai

Consultants & Agencies

Are you a Trusted Advisor to the businesses and people you support?

If you're a consultant or you own / work in an agency where you help clients succeed with their growth and outreach initiatives, then we would love for you to choose Hypadrive.ai as your platform partner to help you do your great work.

We will give you exposure & leads, revenue share, tools & features and support & training - so you can focus on where you add the most value; being a trusted consulting advisor to the people you support - helping them to effectively and efficiently target and engage their markets.

Generate new sales

Generating new sales opportunities is essential - especially if you want to grow your business faster than organic growth alone. If you have been asking yourself "How do I get more sales so I can speed up growth?" then the truth is there aren't an infinite number of ways to do this. Luckily though, reaching out directly to your target audience (via email in particular) is a cost and time effective way to build new sales relationships.

Establish new partnerships

Partnerships are very good for business. The right partners can help you sell more, distribute your product, promote your offerings, support you when times are tough; and generally be an integral part of your businesses growth journey. The strength of your partnerships directly correlates to the strength of your business.

Find & recruit new talent

Recruiting talent for your small business can be tough. Reaching out directly to potential candidates is a great way to keep costs low and to build a direct relationship with the people you need now, and may need again in the future - whether they are full time team members or contractors for part time help.

Generate new media & PR exposure

Media and PR are highly beneficial - both traditional media and digital media. Getting the right exposure for your business/products & services can involve kissing a-lot of frogs. So having a tool that helps you streamline the process can save you a lot of time by helping you focus on the contacts that are most engaged with you.

Grow your industry networks

Maybe you are new in an industry, or are looking to become involved in one or break in as the new player. You will want to become known and begin building relationships with people who have been part of the industry since before your arrival. Reaching out to them for coffee, meet and greet and general 'get to know you' meetings is a fantastic way to start building these new relationships.

Get advice & feedback

There are many occasions where the right advice and feedback can be immensely helpful for you. Maybe you are working on starting a new business, have recently released a new product or are looking for insights to help you improve an existing product or service. Maybe you just need some general direction and a fresh perspective on something you are doing. Again, a tool to help you manage the steps and process will do wonders for you.

Raise investment capital

This isn't always relevant to everyone but for those of you who are looking at finding the right investment partners and raising capital to fund your businesses growth journey, having a tool that makes it easy for you to reach out and quickly identify who is interested, so you can focus your efforts and save time, is a game changer.


Anyone involved in charities and non-profit organisations will know how important donors / patrons are to enabling the great work you do to improve society - whatever your cause. In a business to business context, corporate sponsors/donor partners can be particularly helpful. Use Hypadrive.ai to reach out to and engage with potential new corporate donors who support your cause.

All outreach scenarios follow the same basic process, you need to; identify the right people and find their contact information, create your outreach sequence and the messaging of each touchpoint in your sequence, setup your automation rules, setup your sender details and then monitor performance and manage responses as you receive them. Hypadrive.ai helps you do this and do it right.

Outreach doesn't need to be done manually.

Technology and automation have come a long way; so use our platform and the insights it gives you to get better results, more easily.